Saturday, 15 October 2011

Back Again :)

Life has been pretty hectic since i last make a blog post.. a lot of rubbish at work threat of redundancy filled my life and stressed me out for a good few months till August actually then as i managed to keep my job i found i had the workload of 3 people talk about stress!! A minor bike injury ruined my back (all better now) and life has finally started to settle down!

October sees the autumn weather settling in now in the UK and that brings out my must knit side, I'm also booked onto a craft fair in November (Love Craft @ Barnsley Civic) Taking my mum along as well with her Cards (Cards by June) 1st craft fair I've done so I'm hoping a couple of sales will come my way in the run up to Christmas :)

Just got some things in the post for my new hobby.. Spinning! once I've got to grips with it i hope to be able to spin my own yarn for those extra special completely one of a kind teddy bears and accessories i can see why people love it so much and find myself drooling over those ashcroft wheels already.. but at £450 (holy cow) its a little expensive for me at the moment.

Anyway I'll never say this blog will be the most up to date in the world, i prefer to spend my time knitting rather than marketing my shop etc.. yes marketing is important but not as important as actually having things to sell!  Maybe one day I'll find an assistant to help me .. or just get myself a knitting motorcycling boyfriend (more chance of winning the lottery!) lol

I have a new scarf pattern which will be out as soon as it finish the 1st scarf from it so i'd best get cracking!

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