Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The Geek Machine needs Coffee

This is what I say everytime i leave my desk at work.. yes i get odd looks but i don't care! I'm used to odd looks apparently I'm unsual..

I've done IT Support for 12 years, software junkie, gadget junkie an all round geek.  I read web comics I build computers and play with php and mysql for fun.. yes fun

That alone earns me the 'you're such a geek' compliment (well i see it at one anyway) but the fact i Knit in my spare time and make teddy bears and accessories gets me odder looks than knowing binary o.O couple that with the fact i like motorbikes and seriously i think im moving out of geek status with my co-workers to freak...

But anyway here is my blog, all shiney and new and not defaced (yet)

I will ramble, share my knitting adventures with you and probably moan a bit from time to time.


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