Sunday, 24 April 2011

A very weird day yesterday

It was one of those days which is a little fuzzy, due to it being so very humid in Sheffield we decided not to take the bike out but to take the dog for a walk instead.

Perhaps i should explain my relationship here.. this is my ex husband we are still really good friends we go out on the bike together etc its a bit weird a most people look at me funny but pfftt i get used to that

The dog is a Lhasa Apso named Harvey who we rescued while we were together when we first met him he was a growling grumpy ball of matted hair who hated everyone except the ex.. who upon meeting Harvey picked him up flipped him on his back and rubbed his belly, several years later hes a happy fairly well adjusted dog (he doesn't like people on bicycles, skateboards or groomers) The story we got about him was the person that groomed him used to smack him on the head with a brush :( evil people.. anyway i digress

We went over to lady bower hoping to walk him round the reservoir but yea we forgot it was a bank holiday, pup tard (his nickname) spends 30 minutes bouncing side to side in the car while we try to find somewhere to park i could hear his thoughts (there's a tree i want to pee on it.. whats that thing waddling there can i sniff it..oo a small child can i chase it).  We gave up and decided to visit the pub for a chip butty (i highly recommend the lady bower inn for chip butties) Harvey was exceptionally well behaved made friends with a gorgeous chocolate lab seriously it was cute they sat on the step together watching hoomins walk past getting pets.. People petting Harvey is still rather nerve wrecking for him and me, he was such a good doggie didn't try to bite anyone so proud of him.

After chips and half a cheeky lemonade we attempted to find a parking spot again, found one and took pup tard for a walk, he met ducks i don't think hes ever met a duck before he was curious to say the least it was a mommy duck with 6 babies so we kept him on the lead at a nice safe distance so he could watch them.  He went for a paddle, i don't think this was intentional tho :) Lhasa's are not a water dog breed lol

Anyway Harvey decided he's had enough and his little legs were tired we half dragged and carried him back to the car he tends to just sit down when he's tired lol and drove back to Sheffield, as we hit Sheffield we noticed it had been raining odd... as we got into the town center we found ourselves int he middle of a thunderstorm with hailstones the size of a 20p piece, most of the roads were flooding.. like WTF its glorious sunshine just 15 minutes away.

This was the road at the bottom of my estate :/ Good job we didn't go out on the bike!

I have the unfortunate problem of getting killer headaches when theres a thunderstorm, normally its a good early warning system, but as soon as i got into Sheffield i was dying so i passed out on the sofa hence no blogging yesterday.

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